Controlled Atmosphere

Controlled Atmosphere:

The Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technique is applied to control pests in food supplies, and is
extremely suitable for both preventive and curative treatments. This technique is based on
the creation of a low-oxygen regime / content in a specially-constructed gastight treatment
The products are placed in these treatment chambers, after which the level of oxygen
and temperature is adjusted to the specific insect and product that needs to be treated. In
this way we can guarantee a killing percentage of 99.997% of the insects in all life stages: eggs,
larvae, pupae and adults.

The Controlled Atmosphere technique is
environmentally friendly, without the use of toxic
gasses, and it does not leave any residue. Another
aspect of this technique is that no resistance can occur
in the pest population.


The majority of products are best treated in airtight chambers. ATS offers this service in its
treatment facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, commonly these chambers are
built at locations within your own manufacturing or storage facility, at any location
The capacity of the chambers is matched to the demand of the customer and can vary from
one small treatment chamber to any number and size of treatment chambers. In discussion
with you, our customer, ATS selects the best option(s) depending on your needs.
A variety of products can be treated using the Controlled Atmosphere method. To name a
few: cashew and other nuts, corn, rice, cocoa, coffee, spices, nuts, dried fruit, seeds,
legumes, and soya.


Silos are used around the world for storing food and feed commodities. Regardless of how long these
commodities are stored, they need to be protected against the damage that insects can cause.
Preservation of the quality of the commodities is essential.
After many years of experience in applying the Controlled Atmosphere technique to climate chambers,
ATS has developed a method for applying the technique to treat commodities stored in silos. A large
portion of the storage of food is done in silos, so it’s a natural progression to apply CA in silos. Silos
are constructed in various ways and using a wide variety of materials. ATS assists clients to customize
their silos so that the silos are prepared for Controlled Atmosphere treatments.
The Controlled Atmosphere (CA) silo technique can be applied at, for example, flour or rice companies.
The silos are connected to the ATS system and supplied with nitrogen. With this method, no heat is
Flour and rice companies commonly use ATS silo system to treat raw materials (e.g. wheat), use ATS
airtight chambers to treat the finished product and ATS heat treatment technique to kill insects in
empty silos. However, all methods can be applied separately depending on the customer’s need.

Food commodities:

Food is a primary necessity of life. That’s why it has to be safe. Pest plagues are becoming an
increasing problem every year in the food industry. They can damage food supplies, which is
why an effective pest control method is needed that doesn’t compromise food quality.
ATS the environmental friendly alternative!
ATS is specialized in environmentally-friendly pest control in food supplies and does not use
any toxic gasses. The ATS Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technique is used to control food
supplies or food products like grain, rice, cocoa, coffee beans, spices, seeds, nuts, flour etc.
But tobacco and other products can also be treated with our techniques to control pests.
Our 100% non-toxic CA technique is safe for people and the environment, and does not leave
any residues.
The CA technique is suitable for both conventionally and organically produced food

Treatment process for food
If you have a pest plague, our specialists will first determine the kind of pest. Depending on
the living conditions of the pest, an environmentally friendly treatment procedure will be
drawn up. The contaminated food supplies are placed in specially designed, airtight climate
chambers or silos. The process can be started, monitored, managed and stopped online with
the help of a computer program. The process controls the temperature, oxygen level and the
level of humidity and is closely watched by our experts. Depending on the type of
contamination, a treatment will last between 3 to 10 days. After treatment the food supplies
or objects are 100% free of living insects, larva and eggs.
Naturally it is also possible that products are infested with pests, but that they are invisible.
Insect eggs insects are often invisible but can cause major problems when they hatch. That is
why it is advisable to treat products, raw materials and objects preventively. The
ATS techniques are not only the solution for pest plagues that are already visible, but are also
the solution for preventive treatments.



ATS provides an internationally recognized
certificate per completed treatment that ATS was
requested to monitor. This certificate contains
information provided and gathered by ATS.
ATS also provides specific certificates for
containers or shipments on request of the
These certificates will be issued when ATS has also
monitored the treatment applicable to
this particular container or shipment.