Industrial Cleaning

Laser Cleaning & Dry Ice:
 ATS is the leader in laser cleaning technology in the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia, delivering the best professional laser services by providing
effective, reliable and safe solutions to industrial cleaning, using unique
surface preparation options while ensuring the safety of our environment.
We follows with passion all the new in the field of industrial cleaning
technologies, working with the top prestigious companies around the
globe, travel to all around the world to get the latest technologies, visiting
and attending the largest exhibitions, and conferences locally and
 With the laser cleaning and dry ice methods, ATS offers you two very
powerful and innovative technologies with different performance
specifications. With the laser and dry ice cleaning methods, the layers to
be removed are evaporated with high-energy beams – and variable
parameter settings can be used to achieve maximum precision and speed
off treatment. Both laser and dry ice methods are therefore extremely
environmentally friendly.

Laser Cleaning Advantages:
 Clean & on-line and off-line
 Removes baked-on deposits without harm to baking surfaces
 Uses no media, no dust, no chemicals, no clean-up, no residue
 Eliminates use of wire brush cleaning & risk of stray metal wires
 Environmentally friendly
 Minimal Maintenance
 No medium used, only electricity
 Base material is not damaged
 Higher levels of ‘clean’ can be reached
 Easy to integrate in a production line
 Local cleaning is possible
 Stable process
 Low running costs
 Lower sensitivity to corrosion after cleaning

Applications Examples:
 Removing Oxide Layers
 Cleaning Molds
 Stone cleaning
 Inline cleaning for bakeries
 Inline paint stripping.
 Selective Paint Stripping
 Anilox Roller
 Degreasing

Paint Removal & De-Coating:
 Partial de-coating
 Selective paint removal
 Complete paint removal
 Precise removal in layers

Pre-Treatment for Adhesive Bonding & Coating:
 Coating application pre-treatment
 Pre-treatment for soldering & welding
 Removal of oxides & other contaminants
 Pre-treatment of metals to enhance bonding
 Pre-treatment of plastics to enhance bonding
 Repair for CFRP components
 Joining pre-treatment in gear production


Mold Cleaning & De-Oiling:
 Baking plates
 Tire molds
 Printing rolls
 Precision mold tools
 CFRP/GRP tools
 PVD tools

Labeling & Marking:
 Labeling/marking metals
 Labeling/marking plastics

 Precise surface profiling

 Natural stone & terracotta building facades
 Sculptures & ornaments
 Wall paintings
 Bronze statues, plaques, historic metal objects

 Cleaning – Analyzing – Sorting – Recycling
 Resource-friendly scrap sorting